[WOW!!] Dangal full Movie Review | Why dangal is great film to Amir Khan ??

Dangal full Movie Review | Why dangal is great film to Amir Khan ?? 


How does one interact audiences with a movie concerning young ladies coaching to be wrestlers in Haryana, and the way does one guarantee folks have fun even after you are talking concerning gender problems in a very patricentric society?

In an interview with Scroll.in, Dangal director Nitesh Tiwari disclosed the challenges of managing a balance between bearing and humour and dealing with young actors. Dangal is Tiwari’s third film when Chillar Party (2011; co-directed with Vikas Bahl) and Bhoothnath Returns (2014). Dangal relies on a plan by former UTV Movies worker Divya Rao and relies on the real-life story of Mahavir Singh Phogat and his daughters, the wrestling champions Babita Kumari and Geeta. The December twenty three release stars Aamir Khan as Phogat, Sakshi Tanwar as his mate Daya, and Fatima Sana Shaikh and Zaira Wasim because the young and older Geeta and Sanya Malhotra and Suhani Bhatnagar because the young and older Babita.

Some of the foremost seasoned filmmakers have spoken concerning the challenges of operating with youngsters. when ‘Chillar Party’ and ‘Bhootnath Returns’ comes ‘Dangal’, and you appear to urge on fine with children and young adults.
I love children. Not simply operating with them, however i'm genuinely keen on them. And somewhere it reflects in my work. I don’t create a aware effort to jot down for or concerning children. It simply happens to be there on my mind. operating with children may be a mixture of delight and pain.

Honestly, the terribly young ones square measure a bit troublesome to urge manage. it's difficult to urge them to perform unless they're born actors. after you square measure operating with them, you usually got to have a concept B and C and D as a result of A won't work. children can get cranky, they'll scratch their heads, they'll get sleepy-eyed and that they don't very care concerning your film. you have got to search out ways that and suggests that to stay them interested and work with their strengths. For Dangal, the children were older, 12 and 14. they're extraordinarily mature and knew what was needed of them. It created my job abundant easier.

How does one solid young actors in a very film that has them in key roles?

It is massively difficult to search out the proper slot in a toddler actor. you have to envision the potential within the child. after you audition an adult, chances are high that you can see your character within the actor. He will provide you with the expertise you're yearning for. a child can ne'er do this. And you have got to switch your character to suit the child. The trick is to check him all told potential conditions and with all the variables. once more} again, a toddler is also supremely assured throughout the auditions however can succumb to pressure whereas shooting. it's necessary to place them through the important things.

If there's a star concerned, you have got to create them meet to envision however they react. Young youngsters don't take care of continuity and are typically in denial. they'll scratch their tummies and after you purpose it out, they'll deny it. fortuitously the ladies in Dangal were excellent at grasping and following directions.
What was it concerning the Mahavir Singh Phogat story that appealed to you the most?
I was most touched by the private triumph. it's an individual's story with nice price. and that i realized it within the initial four or 5 lines itself...

What were those lines within the pitch?

A story of an ex-wrestler in Haryana who trained his ladies to become world champions. There was plenty of images that flashed in my mind. an area like Haryana with its notoriously inclined sex ratio. a person fighting the chances to coach his daughters in a very male-dominated sport within the 2000s. it absolutely was a appetising premise for any story author. I wished to understand additional and told the producers, count Pine Tree State in.

Comparisons with ‘Chak De! India’ are inevitable. however Shimit Amin’s film is concerning feminine hockey players and their individual and collective triumphs, and not solely concerning the star Shah Rukh Khan. what quantity of ‘Dangal’ is concerning Aamir Khan, who has taken centrestage within the promotions?
It is not concerning Aamir the star. it's almost the bond that a father shares along with his daughters and the way he fights the globe for it. it absolutely was associate degree absolute pleasure to figure with a lead actor UN agency was thus dedicated and committed to the project that he overpassed everything else to urge beneath the skin of the character. He was utterly modest throughout the shoot. there have been times once he would sneak in quietly and sit with us, chatting, observing. He was ne'er the star on the set. Dangal may be a lovely family drama with wrestling because the background.

Take us through the journey of ‘Dangal’ from the pitch to the picture taking.
After the initial discussions, I met Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari and detected their story. It measured terribly fascinating. I had seen mud wrestling in province, wherever I come back from. however I had ne'er seen mat wrestling in my life before. And after I saw however these ladies were being trained, i used to be affected.

It is a really rigorous exercise. it's really easy for us to sit down out there and pass comments on their performance after we don't have any plan concerning the exertions and coaching that goes into the creating of those wrestlers. I met additional folks, spoke with the relations of Geeta and Babita, and realized that this might be a very nice, touching story.

Sometimes, a theme like this tends to urge significant. we wished to avoid that. nobody desires to return for a movie and acquire preached to. thus we wanted to feature layers of humour and pleasantness to a really meaningful  film.

Were there moments after you felt you had managed to realize what you taken off to do?

It happened throughout the creating of Dangal. after we finished writing and were through with our final draft, I told my team of assistant administrators that if we are able to succeed even eighty per cent of what we've written, we've a really smart product on our hands. and that i suppose we tend to could have surpassed what we've written.

There are such a lot of moments i'm happy concerning. most significantly, this is often the primary time i used to be operating while not references. It gave Pine Tree State larger satisfaction to shoot and showcase the wrestling matches with the ladies precisely the means I wished to. there's an exact stamp of credibility within the matches that i'm happy concerning.

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