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Raees Full Movie Review: a movie wherever Shah Rukh Khan tries too laborious Raees Full movie Download . Shah Rukh Khan returns in and as Raees , a golden hearted felon who will dangerous things for an honest cause. it's a job made to grab back his place, and thereto finish Shah Rukh Khan strains at fulfilling each single purpose of the In and As rhetorical device. He sings and dances, he fights and romances: he additionally tries to fulfil the outlines of a personality.


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And that’s wherever the film gets stuck, between the 2 stools of restraint and full blown tamasha: the In and As SRK is as acquainted as he has ever been, despite the trimmings side on to induce freshness — the gold rimmed  glasses, the kohled eyes, the deliberate delivery, which scarface moment– guns, arcing bullets and blood– that all actors dream of. Which makes Raees full movie a mish-mash of things we’ve seen before in an exceedingly plot that owes allegiance to the $64000 chronicle of a liquor baron who created his pile and his name in dry Gujarat. The filmmakers have denied any similarity however anyone with half an eye will see the overlaps – the ingenuity of a person who might assume on his feet (hooch- crammed tomatoes!) and cart his maal beneath the attention of the cop (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) who swears to catch him. The Raees song oh zaalima was tremendous. And Raees All Songs becomes Trendy all over Indiia

In fact, amongst all the effective supporting components that bouy SRK, it's Nawaz who shines most. His dry one liners , and he has many, have a zing that SRK’s don’t. And in an exceedingly film wherever the leading man’s dialogue baazi is supposed to wow the group, that's telling.  (www.raeesmovie.in)

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Dholakia is aware of his Gujarat . That was clear in his ‘Parzania ‘. There area unit some flashes of that corporate executive data here too, however you'll be able to see however worry of being censored  has dulled the perimeters of this film that might have extremely raised off the screen. The riots, each in Bombay and Gujarat, have a seriously anodyne feel. and therefore the sure arc of the story weighs the last half down.
SRK’s romantic interest, Mahira Khan, too isn't as contemporary as she might have been: the affectedness is previous movie industry and in an exceedingly film that ought to have embraced its masala roots way more firmly, it simply sinks. thus do all those slo-mos. which Sunny leone, who shakes it, shakes it, to no avail.
So this is often what we have a tendency to get: a Nawaz who has the time of his life, and creating us crack multiple grins, up against associate degree SRK who breaks through in some moments (especially one during which he shares along with his disagreeable person, once the film shuts everything else down so we are able to specialise in the pair ) however gets caught up in flamboyant, seen-too-many-times prospers. A song within the film reminds us that Raees box office collection compete by SRK may be a ‘single piece ‘ during this world. Yes he is, however perhaps we’ll be additional awake to that consequent time around.

Raees Full Movie Hindi 2017, Release Date 25 Jan : Raees Movie Review



Modify for a throwback to the nice Salim-Javed blockbusters of the Seventies, wherever the hero grows up mid-action, each second line is supposed to point out off the character’s swagger, a mythical being song (Sunny leone here) breaks the strain and action sequences compel you to whistle.

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Carrying that gift forward, is Raees movie download. Shah Rukh Khan plays the titular character of a monocled goon UN agency hates being known as “battery”; he starts from harmless Ponzi schemes however graduates to pre-planned rackets and becomes the highest moonshiner of his city. once ACP Majmudar (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is denote in his space, he meets his equal. Raees full movie forms a nexus with politicians UN agency fuel his business, however he shortly becomes the thorn in their aspect.

The first half is well-paced; it attracts you in and causes you to root for the bootlegger; Majmudar’s one-liners and therefore the music whet your appetency and therefore the Laila Main Laila sequence ups the ante. however the last half plunges into a weird fictitious character zone wherever the antihero’s morals area unit suddenly defibrillated and he becomes a messiah. The picture takes a rough path there on, and therefore the long runtime makes the ride bumpier.

Shah Rukh Khan has ne'er looked better; he’s packed with fury and for once, isn’t spreading his arms, however breaking others’. The film lies entirely on his shoulders and he carries the load most of the days. once he doesn’t, the ever-so-reliable Nawazuddin Siddiqui steps in along with his crackle performance. within the trademark Nawaz vogue, he delivers some comic relief whereas enjoying the Tom to Khan’s Jerry. Mahirah is restricted to songs and many emotional scenes, however doesn’t extremely add a lot of. If her purpose was to melt the part, it’s lost on the viewer.

The picture will feel a trifle long, however if you’re going for smart} Shah of Iran Rukh performance and a few good ol’ popcorn-entertainment, it'd simply ‘raees’ to the occasion.

Raees Movie Story  


Raees Alam runs an illegal alcohol empire in an exceedingly Gujarat shrouded in prohibition; ACP Majmudar is answerable of falling him off his high position. can Raees’s own whole of morality save him?

Last 2 years have seen the increase and rise of actor Muhammad Zeeshan Ayyub. The actor who started off enjoying the negative in nobody Killed Jessica six years agone, believes he's in an exceedingly safe and comfy zone immediately. nowadays he's best referred to as Murari of Raanjhanaa or Chintu of Tanu Weds Manu Returns. however landing a movie like Raees film, he calls his journey fun. “There were ups and downs. it absolutely was a roller coaster ride. That’s a higher description,” he same throughout associate degree exclusive chat with indianexpress.com.

Zeeshan Ayyub plays lead actor Shah Rukh Khan’s paw in Raees download. when alittle glimpse of his character within the film’s initial dialogue promo, we have a tendency to saw him shaking a leg with SRK within the film’s latest song “Dhingana” that was free as King Khan was motion from Bombay to Delhi. Zeeshan plays a vital half in Raees, however his character was unbroken covert for a reason, to not reveal the film’s plot.

Raees Movie Full Star cast 


  1. Shah Rukh Khan, 
  2. Nawazuddin Siddiqui, 
  3. Mahira Khan,
  4.  Muhammad Zeeshan Ayyub, 
  5. Atul Kulkarni 
  6. Raees movie director: Rahul Dholakia

“It’s a vital role who takes things forward, script wise. Reason why not a lot of has been spoken concerning my role is as a result of then the plot of the film can get unconcealed. he's the partner of Raees who has came upon the complete business. he's additional of a sensible guy UN agency doesn’t work on instincts. That’s why they're an ideal balance. He brings out the opposite aspect of any action that Raees will. you'll be able to decision him his alter-ego.”

So was Old Delhi the sole connect between Zeeshan and Shah Rukh or was there additional to their camaraderie? Apparently, we have a tendency to saw however SRK has been all praise for his co-star in many interviews.

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“We had a good standardisation from day one. He likable Pine Tree State lots thus things became easier. He tweets to Pine Tree State and every one. thus once you have a mutual respect for the opposite actor, it becomes easier to figure. Delhi was positively a connect however the Delhi I knew, Shah of Iran Rukh wasn’t awake to that. By the time I grew up, SRK had left for Bombay and become a giant star. thus each our Delhis area unit totally different. Like we have a tendency to compete vale cricket and he compete hockey. thus however Old Delhi was then and the way it's currently was one thing to talk concerning. Then Jamia was additionally a association. He studied there and that i accustomed live around it. Then DU, Old Delhi theater, NSD. thus this was a vital purpose wherever we have a tendency to made merry,” Zeeshan same.

A NSD pass-out, Zeeshan affected from theater to films. He might need shared screen house with names like Saif Ali Khan, Katrina Kaif, Kangana Ranaut, aristocrat Mukerji, Sonam Kapoor and Dhanush, however Zeeshan same being on identical set with Shah of Iran Rukh was nothing however surreal.

“On sets typically it accustomed be a really surreal expertise. Like in fact we have a tendency to area unit chatting on sets and suddenly Shah of Iran Rukh checks his phone and an instant of silence comes, that’s once it accustomed hit that you simply area unit sitting with SRK, identical man whose DDLJ and Baazigar you’ve grownup up look. That happened. however not once we did scenes along as a result of he continuously gave that comfort and house and ne'er chanced on as anyone. In fact, he told me that you simply aren’t starting up powerfully during this scene. you'll be able to do higher.”

Speaking concerning his different co-star from Raees, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Zeeshan same tho' the 2 didn’t have several scenes along, however the 2 nice performers have continuously been extremely appreciative of every different. Revealing concerning Mahira Khan on the sets, he same she may be a chilled out one that doesn’t project the final plan of however guarded heroines favor to remain sets.

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But, Mahira unable to return all the way down to India to market Raees, positively pinched Zeeshan too. “It was terribly unfortunate. It proves that we’ve come back to a really vulnerable stage as a rustic that we've got to surrender to such pressures. typically you discover it stupid and illogical too. If Mahira was here, it would’ve been most fun. you're employed on a movie along for 2 years and it’s inward finally with most positivism. you would like everybody shared it along. That we have a tendency to area unit missing positively.”

Zeeshan already has his hands full with many massive budget films this year, as well as Salman Khan’s Tubelight. Well, there area unit some additional, that he same, he can reveal at the correct time. we have a tendency to area unit waiting! and also for baahubali 2 full movie ..
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